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Should the Yankees Re-sign Mike Mussina for 2009?

Posted by silentarchimedes on August 2, 2008

Should the Yankees Re-sign Mike Mussina for 2009?

For the past few years, the Yankees have looked forward to the 2008-2009 offseason because of the number of large contracts coming off the payroll. Jason Giambi, Carl Pavano, Bobby Abreu and Mike Mussina. All are playing subpar to the value of the contracts. However, with the way Mussina has reinvented himself this year, what do they do with him after the season? After dominating against the Angels today, Mussina is at 14-7 with a 3.44 ERA, with a possible 10 starts left. He has the chance to have his first 20-game winning season. He has gotten better each month as he adjusts to his new “Jamie Moyer” type of pitching. In April, he sported a 4.73 ERA. The month of May, 3.72. Then 3.18 and 2.61 in June and July, respectively..

However, there are still warning signs that all of this will not carry over to next year. He continues to give up more hits then innings, 141 hits in 133.1 innings. This results in a .273 average against him, which is higher than desired, considering his lifetime average is .254. However, his WHIP of 1.20 is on par with his lifetime 1.19. That means the number of walks he’s giving up is lower than his lifetime average. Is his control getting better with age?

One key goal that seemed impossible for Mussina to reach is actually now a possibility. With his 264th win today, he is now within shot of the 300-win plateau that would tremendously help his Hall of Fame chances. His 264 wins to 151 losses gives him a win to loss ratio of 1.75, which is still amazing. What also helps him is his durability. He has not had fewer than 27 starts since 1994! This bodes well for him to pitch another few years, especially with his smarter style of pitching.

If I was the Yankees, I would consider signing him to a 1-year $10-million deal, with a $10mill club option on the second year. With Andy Pettitte an unknown for next year, Mussina would still provide a reliable veteran presence for an ever-changing younger rotation.

What do you think?

Should the Yankees Re-sign Mike Mussina after the 2008 season?
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3 Responses to “Should the Yankees Re-sign Mike Mussina for 2009?”

  1. kerelcooper said

    I think this all depends on how much stock you put into Kennedy and Hughes next year….With that said, I would resign Mussina.

  2. silentarchimedes said

    Hmmm, good point kerelcooper. Seems like Kennedy will be replacing Rasner at some point. It will depend how he performs the rest of the year. The thing is Joba is the only sure thing for next year’s rotation. Wang will be coming off surgery. Everyone else’s status is uncertain. The risk to bring Mussina back will be worth it.

  3. kerelcooper said

    and I guess you can never have enough pitching anyway. Hopefully Jaba’s injury isn’t too serious

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