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I don’t get the Hillary Clinton supporters…

Posted by silentarchimedes on August 24, 2008

Hillary enjoys a laugh at a rally

Hillary enjoys a laugh at a rally (NY Daily News)

This is the problem with the Democrats, as I see it as an independent. They really have a problem getting their act together and uniting as a party. The past eight years has given Democrats countless opportunities to take advantage and expose the incompetence of the Bush administration. When angry voters overwhelmingly put Democrats into the majority in Congress in the 2006 elections, a huge opportunity was wasted to show that they can make decisions favoring the majority of Americans. Instead, nothing has gotten done the past two years under Nancy Pelosi, and the approval ratings of Congress is at or lower than George Bush’s.

Now two months after Hillary Clinton dropped out of the primary race, and still 25-50% of her 18 million supporters have not united with the rest of the party behind Obama is completely absurd. What makes it even more preposterous is that many plan to vote for John McCain instead. Considering how the two-party system dominates American politics, this is in essence suicide or at least sleeping with the enemy. Maybe it’s because there isn’t one or a few defining issues that unite the party (like the Republicans have), I don’t know. The McCain camp and Republicans must be enjoying this. However, this is really making them look bad. From a third person perspective it looks like:

1. They are a bunch of sore-losers. Get over it, the process was followed. Obama can do whatever he wants in choosing his VP.

2. This is what makes politics look bad. Everyone knows campaigns are partly a popularity contest, but this just makes it too obvious.

3. Yes, Hillary had the best chance for a woman to become a primary candidate, but don’t blame the process for her not winning the primary. Don’t blame Obama for Michigan and Florida not following party rules. Move on…

4. If the Democrats lose the election, especially after the past eight years, the Hillary supporters that voted for McCain out of spite must be partly to blame.

5. This makes independents and centrists disenchanted with the Democratic Party.

6. At least give some credit to Obama. There’s no entitlement. He earned it. He ran a perfect campaign. He understood the way caucuses worked. He used the internet to perfection.

I honestly cannot believe that at this point in the election process, the polls are that close. It shows how united the Republican Party can be. It shows how the Dems still haven’t united as a party. It shows how the independents are seriously considering McCain.

One thing that Obama has going for him that everyone has stopped mentioning is the age issue. The past three elections in which an elder politician has ran against a younger more energetic politician, the younger one has won. Bill Clinton beat George HW Bush in 1992. Bill Clinton defeated Bob Dole in 1996. George W. Bush defeated John Kerry in 2004. If the Dems get their act together, especially at next week’s Democratic Convention, this trend will continue…

UPDATE 08/24/08 – Yup, the McCain camp is definitely enjoying this. They are stoking the fire. McCain’s new ad says Obama snubbed Clinton because he’s still mad about her criticism of him during the primary.

UPDATE 08/28/08 – Oh my god, this is so annoying me. I am watching CSPAN, right after Obama’s speech, where they have callers call in. At least 1/4 of the callers are still harping that Clinton did not get selected as the nominee. One caller says that Hillary’s speech was so much better than Obama’s tonight.  Jeesh, people!!! Move on!! It’s now about Obama versus McCain!! Hillary has moved on (well, at least publicly), and is fully supporting Obama. You should too! Move on!!!!

3 Responses to “I don’t get the Hillary Clinton supporters…”

  1. DebbieB said

    All this back biting between the Obama Dems and the Hillary Dems is ridiculous. The Republicans must be besides themselves watching the Democratic Party implode. I guess we’re gonna get 8 more years of a Republican Administration because the kiddies on the playground can’t learn to play together.

  2. silentarchimedes said

    I know right. It’s really gut-wrenching to watch this. Knowing that the state of America might hinge on this. Reminds me of how Gore’s loss was due to the few votes Nader received and the popular vote/electoral vote rule. Instead we got 8 years of total incompetence. This week’s convention is the last big chance for Dems to unite.

  3. indoor playground

    I don’t get the Hillary Clinton supporters… « Silent Archimedes

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