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Please do something with the NFL football pre-season games!

Posted by silentarchimedes on August 29, 2008

I have a request to the NFL. Please do something about the preseason games. Not necessarily getting rid of them, but somehow spicing them up. They are sooo boring to watch, and they are complete waste of TV time. The scores don’t mean anything, and the whole purpose for them is for the coaches to evaluate position battles, young players and to keep key players healthy.

Here are some suggestions I have:

1. Four games is too much. I suggest reducing to two preseason games, and add another regular season game. It would actually be nice to also add a second bye week for each team. Injuries play too much into the success of a team. Giving a second bye would allow some players to heal again, and to take a mental break from football. If it’s so hard to schedule, I suggest a league-wide bye during the weekend of the World Series.

2. Spice up the games. Instead of having regular games, play different scenarios instead. For example, you can have the first quarter played exactly as if it’s overtime in college football. How exciting would this be for fans to watch, even if it’s no name players. The second quarter can be played entirely in two-minute drill, although this is similar to the previous idea. The third quarter can be played with each team having five downs per possession instead of the usual four.

3. Don’t charge for tickets! Let fans that usually can’t afford or can’t find seats during the regular season games get a chance to see their favorite team play. If you are going to charge, charge very little to cover the cost of the game. You can also donate some of the proceeds to special charities, like the NFL veterans charity.

4. Make winning a game in the preseason an incentive. Just like winning the baseball all-star game has an incentive now, you can somehow find an incentive for the preseason games. Now you don’t want the incentive to be so big that teams end up playing their starters too long, but something small but big enough to help a team. An example might be for every game your team wins in the preseason, they get to have an extra player on their practice squad for the whole year. Or if they win all four games, they get to have an extra player on their active 53 player roster for the whole year.

I’m so happy the preseason is over. It’s been horrible. No matter how much they try to avoid injury, key players still get injured in the preseason. My poor Giants lost Osi Umenyiora for the whole season just last week. Something must be done.


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