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Further Reactions – Sarah Palin as VP choice

Posted by silentarchimedes on September 1, 2008

So now that a few days have passed and everyone has been able to digest the shocking Palin pick by McCain, it’s time for me to re-asses my initial reactions on the day of the pick.

I must say, I am still in shock. This pick gets weirder and weirder. Reading over my initial reactions, they still all hold true! And actually, since then new information has come forth, that either reinforce those reactions or create additional ones.

The biggest thing that stands out is that this is really becoming an irresponsible pick by McCain and it is also becoming irresponsible of Palin to accept the nomination.

1. Her Down-syndrome baby – The most common rebuttal to people criticizing that Palin is irresponsible because she just had a down-syndrome baby a few months ago is that they wouldn’t be saying such a thing if she was a man. This type of rebuttal is more of a deflection than answering the criticism. The bottom line is there is a down-syndrome baby that needs as much of her mother’s attention as possible! Down-syndrome babies require a lot of attention, especially in their earlier months and years. This is not about her being a woman, although she is the MOTHER! This is about a baby!!!

Another interesting thing to note is where was prevention in all this? Palin already had 4 children, before her latest baby. She is 43 years old and continued to have unprotected sex without any birth control. Everyone knows that the risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome dramatically increases when the mother passes 35 years old, let alone 40! Once again, this is not about pro-life or family values. This is about being irresponsible!

2. Her pregnant teen daughter – So word has come out that Palin’s 17 year old daughter is 5-months pregnant and that she intends to marry the father! She is a senior in high school! What happened to the whole ideology of family and no sex before marriage? Shouldn’t she be taking care of her own house before taking care of a country of 300 million people?? Shouldn’t she spend some time with her daughter at this trying time? To make matters more interesting, McCain knew this before he picked him, but he felt it was inconsequential to his decision.

3. Palin eloped with her husbandAccording to Wikipedia, Palin eloped with her husband, Todd, when she was 24 years old.

Just the first two issues would make anyone think twice. That means that her daughter’s baby will be practically the same age as her son! She is a grandmother that will have a 1 year old son! Isn’t this just a completely irresponsible pick? Does the fact that she is pro-life and an NRA member make up for everything else that she is? I mean, from a logical point of view, if someone was to ask you, would you vote for a 72 year old presidential candidate  whose VP pick is a 44 year old person who’s total experience is 2 years as governor of Alaska (and previous mayor of a 7,000 person town), who absolutely has no foreign policy and national experience, who has a few months old Down-Syndrome baby and has a 17-year old pregnant daughter? Of course not! Notice that the question has absolutely no politics in it, simply the facts. I didn’t even say she is a woman. Just simply the facts.

Each of the events by themselves would not cause any concern. However, when you see the whole picture and the string of events in her life (not to even include the current investigation whether she abused her power), it becomes a legitimate question on her character. It is becoming clear that the McCain made a late switch to her and probably did not do their homework.

Is this what it has really come to? If McCain wanted a woman, couldn’t he have picked Condoleeza Rice? That would’ve been really historical. If he wanted someone outside the typical Republican ideals, pick Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman. If he wanted someone outside of Washington, pick Bloomberg or even Guiliani. The fact that this pick is so obviously a political pick to win the election, and not a pick for America’s future really annoys me.

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Update 09/01/08 – So Obama’s reaction was that Palin’s family is completely off-limits in this campaign for president. This may sound noble, but upon further analysis, it’s not as noble as it seems. Obama’s mother was 18 when she became pregnant with him. Palin’s daughter is just one year younger. Had his camp focused on Palin’s pregnant daughter, it might cause a backlash against his situation. It’s also worthy to note that the only reason this story about her pregnant daughter came out was because of rumors online that the Down-Syndrome baby was actually her daughter’s and not Palin’s. Which brings up another interesting relationship, Palin’s baby son, the uncle of Palin’s daughter’s baby, will be one year apart! Even if Obama says that the family is off-limits, that doesn’t make him noble. There are other ways to make this an issue. I love how both parties are trying to make it seem like they are so moral and righteous. These are politicians. No matter how much they both say they represent change, politicians are politicians.

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