Silent Archimedes

Initial Reactions: Sarah Palin’s Convention Speech

Posted by silentarchimedes on September 4, 2008

As I’m listening to Sarah Palin speak at the Republican National Convention tonight, I can’t help but think how polarized this country is, and how Palin actually makes it more divisive. There was so much rhetoric and attacks at Obama and Biden, there were several times during her speech that I hated politics. Just two weeks ago, she was a complete unknown for most Americans. What has happened since then for her to show such hatred for Obama? Did you notice she never referred to him by his name, but only by the “opponent”? What gives her the right to spew such vitriolic words at someone she probably has never met? There wasn’t one sentence from her that really said anything about what she’s going to do to help America. I‘ll give it to her, she doesn’t seem afraid to attack, although I find her high, whiny voice really really annoying. Also the way she ended her sentences with a weird tone, sometimes I didn’t know if the sentence was over. There were times when the audience didn’t know either and waited a second before applauding.

I still don’t understand how she is a good pick and how she invigorates the Republican base. Why are they so happy tonight? Seriously, am I missing something? To me the speech seemed pretty amateurish, almost like a student council speech. “Vote for me! Vote for me!” Like a popularity contest. The reason her pick makes this country so divisive is that half the country has no idea how she is anywhere close to having credentials to be a VP, let alone be one heartbeat from being president, and the other half of the country being so invigorated by her. What’s going on??

In any case, based on the initial reactions of her speech by Charlie Rose and some others, they seem to like her speech.  Her major test will still be when she faces the media in a press conference, or on the election trail, or in debates against Biden.

I am starting to hate politics…

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