Silent Archimedes

Michael Strahan falls for the Fourth of July joke on NFL FOX and then uses the word “sucks”

Posted by silentarchimedes on September 14, 2008

The Fox NFL Sunday Team

The Fox NFL Sunday Team

Hahahahahahah!!!! I am watching the NFL Pre-Game show on FOX, which is just hilarious, and seeing how Michael Strahan performs in his new job. You can see he is trying to fit in and be knowledgable yet funny. So Strahan goes on this rant how the Giants proved the Patriots were beatable just by pressuring the QB. It showed that any team is beatable if you can pressure the quarterback. Right after that, Terry Bradshaw turns to Strahan and asks him in a serious voice, “Does England have a fourth of July?” Strahan takes a split second and seriously replies, “No.” Then Howie Long turns to him and says, “Well, England has a July 2nd, and a July 3rd, and a July 5th, so….” Hehehe, you see Strahan’s face light up in embarassment knowing he’s been had. Bradshaw cracks up and yells “Welcome to the show! Welcome to the family!” Hahha, you see Strahan laughing but in total embarassment. Gotta love it!!!

Proving that Strahan still has a bit ways to go in his new career, he just used the word “sucks” in one of his analysis. No reactions from the other four.

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