Silent Archimedes

Moderates. The Silent Majority. We are so quiet.

Posted by silentarchimedes on September 14, 2008

Sociology works in interesting ways. Most people are simply interested in going about their lives in some habitual way. They are afraid of major changes and do not want to draw attention to themselves. We see this with all aspects of life. In NFL football, most players just go about business. Some of the most amazing players probably didn’t get enough press because they are too normal.  This group includes Marvin Harrison of the Colts, and Barry Sanders of the Lions. However, the select minority get the most press and popularity because they are loud, brash and opinionated. This group includes Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson and Warren Sapp. Everyone has been through this going through school. The class clowns, bullies and pretty girls and jocks draw all the attention.

Moderates Need to Learn to Speak!

Moderates need to learn to speak!

Which brings this to society in general. Most of America are moderates. Neither strongly conservative or strongly liberal. They just want a decent life that includes a nice paying stable job, a nice supportive family, be as healthy as possible and live in a nice safe neighborhood. I like to think I belong in this group although I tend to want to voice my opinions every  now and then. But even as I’ve started this blog I’m slightly uncomfortable ripping on either conservatives or liberals. This type of moderate lifestyle is perfectly fine in normal lives, but it becomes a problem during presidential election years. The majority of Americans, whom are moderates or centrists, get completely drowned out by the extreme left and extreme right. So what happens instead is that the direction of this country is always decided by extreme and minority views. The middle simply gets hijacked by either side. The moderate Republicans get hijacked by the ultra-conservative evangelicals of the right that screams of fear mongering, idealogy, and emotion. The moderate Democrats get hijacked by the ultra-liberals of the left that screams of anything goes individuality regardless of morals. Our country is becoming completely divided because of these two totally orthogonal views. The moderates, who are the majority, have no voice. We are quiet. We fall into the chatter of the minority. We get emotional and for a few months we lose touch with logic.

What happened to good ole logic and pragmatic problem solving? Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our middle class is shrinking. Our national and personal debts are through the roof.  Our country has major economic catastrophes on the horizon to deal with. Our education system is one of the worst of the industrial countries. Our cities are handcuffed by assault weapons. We are losing the war on drugs. Our earth is getting destroyed, regardless of global warming. Our population’s obesity is the highest in the world. Our infant mortality rates are one of the highest.

Seriously, shouldn’t we be concerned with these problems and our backyard before worrying so much about ideology and going to war? Wake up America. This election should not be about breaking barriers or making history by electing the first African-American or the first female. This election should not be about pro-life/pro-choice and pro-gun/anti-gun. This election should be about fixing America in a pragmatic way. Whoever is the best candidate for that, regardless of party.

This is why I believe this two party system is destroying America. It is leaving the voice of the moderates and the majority of Americans out of the loop.

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