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Who has been the worst vice-president or vice-presidential candidate in recent years?

Posted by silentarchimedes on October 3, 2008

With so much negative attention on Sarah Palin and her obvious lack of experience, it’s time to take a look at who is the worst vice-president or vice-presidential candidate in recent years. Here are the four chronological order. Please vote who you think is the worst in the poll.

Dan Quayle

Dan Quayle

1. Dan Quayle – George HW Bush’s VP (1988-1992) – Quayle was intellectually incompetent and had the foot-in-mouth disease. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to, either one is fine. But potatoe?? What about Quayle comparing himself to JFK during the election campaign? Other funny sayings? “We don’t want to go back to tomorrow, we want to go forward“, “The future will be better tomorrow“, “I love California. I practically grew up in Phoenix“, and “It’s time for the human race to enter the solar system“. Although the country mostly knows him as the vice-president, another interesting question that needed to be asked, what were the people in Indiana thinking electing him to the House in1976 and 1978, and Senate in 1980 and 1986?

Vice Admiral James Stockdale

Vice Admiral James Stockdale

2. James Stockdale – Ross Perot’s running mate (1992) – Stockdale infamously opened the VP debate by saying, “Who am I? Why am I here?” Initially, the rhetorical questions drew applause from the audience, [4] seeming to be a good-natured acknowledgment of his relatively unknown status and lack of traditional qualifications. However, his unfocused style for the rest of the debate (including asking the moderator to repeat one question because he didn’t have his hearing aid turned on) made him appear confused and almost disoriented. An unflattering recreation of the moment on Saturday Night Live later that week, with Phil Hartman as Stockdale, cemented a public perception of Stockdale as slow-witted. He was also often parodied for his constant use of the word “gridlock” to describe slow governmental policy. As his introduction to the large segment of American voters who had not previously heard of him, the debate was disastrous for Stockdale. He was portrayed in the media as elderly and confused, and his reputation never recovered. (source: Wikipedia)

Richard Cheney

Richard Cheney

3. Dick Cheney – George W Bush’s VP (2001-2008) – The ultra-hawk who is more inconspicuous than Ed Harris as a sniper in Enemy at the Gates. Actually, Cheney’s head is just a rounder version of Harris’. Cheney acted like a sniper, incognito, firing barbs from behind the scenes, or inside a bunker. Round after round of incidents, Cheney appeared impervious to controversy. He weathered the weak WMD evidence for attacking Iraq, the CIA leak scandal, the hunting incident, CDC global warming testimony deletions, health problems, and completely elitist, hawkish comments. Both supporters and detractors of Cheney regard him as a shrewd and knowledgeable politician who knows the functions and intricacies of the federal government. This is a major contributor to him weathering controversies.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

4. Sarah Palin – John McCain’s running mate (2008) – Blunders, lies, inexperience has made Palin the butt of many jokes, especially on Saturday Night Live.

One Response to “Who has been the worst vice-president or vice-presidential candidate in recent years?”

  1. yournameismud said

    No way. Maybe Quayle had foot in mouth disease but he was smart and proactive behind the scenes. I don’t think you can put Cheney on here either, he’s a mastermind. He’s rare in that he is one of the only veeps ever to have no political ambition. Cheney scares the hell out of anyone outside the republican party, and i think that’s what America needed while Cheney’s been in. After the msm painted bush as a moron for stuttering a couple times during the campaign we needed an old corrupt halliburton bad ass to lend some credibility to our afghanistan strategy and scare tactics. I agree with stockdale. but i would actually put gore and biden on the list. not becaues they were morons. but gore is a whiner. he’s a little bitch really. he’s still a whiner. i think he caused a huge hit on the democratic party during clinton’s second term and then his running against bush. he’s an unattractice, self righteous, ompous, holier than thou jackass that thinks he’s smarter than everyone. bad all around. i like biden. i think he’s smart. i was impressed last night in the debate. but for a ticket obsessed with talking about hope and change you don’t go out and pick the grumpiest old pessimistic senator that’s been int he senate for the last 8 million years. i think with that one pick barack completely invalidated his entire premise, promise and campaign. i’m a registered independent and was totally turned off to the obama campaign with that pick. i think that makes biden one of the worst. and as for palin. i would say she’s one of the best picks for VP i have ever seen. ever. she completely turned around the mccain campaign, energized the base, and brought real mainstream Americans into the limelight for the first time in a political race since, well…i dont know, ever? it’s the first time one of the regular guys/girls has been in such a high position or potential position. she’s handled it all well i think. never has a vp candidate been asked what she’s b een asked or been under the attacks she has been. it’s aboslutely crazy. feminism has taking five giant steps backward thanks to the msm treatement of palin. i think she’s held up under fire most people couldn’t take. shows resolve. debated well. so yea, palin shouldn’t be on the list and at either gore or biden (if not both) should be.

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