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Who is a better quarterback? Eli Manning or Tony Romo? Three words… Jeter versus A-Rod.

Posted by silentarchimedes on October 13, 2008

Tony Romo

Tony Romo

This whole debate about who is a better quarterback, Eli Manning or Tony Romo, can be summed up with three words, Jeter versus A-Rod. One is quieter, more professional, goes about business, and wins when it counts. The other is flashy, puts up big numbers, all over the gossip news for questionable reasons, and has issues with winning the big games. In the end, who do you want on your team? The former, the one that wins when it counts. All the other stuff is irrelevant if he cannot carry the team when it counts. That’s why Jeter will always be revered by Yankee fans, and A-Rod seen as an outsider. That’s why Eli will be loved by coaches more than Romo.

In essence, just like A-Rod, until he carries the Yankees to a World Series championship and he is named the MVP or he makes an amazing play that is the catalyst for a championship, he cannot be compared to Jeter. Similarly, until Romo can carry the Cowboys to a championship, something that the team historically is good at, then he cannot be compared to Eli. Who cares how good he is in the regular season. It is a wasted season for the Cowboys anytime they make the playoffs and cannot win. Look at John Elway and Michael Strahan. Their legacies were completely solidified when they finally won championships for their teams. They were both integral parts of those teams.

Eli Manning

Eli Manning

A championship win does tremendous things to the public perspective of the athlete and to the athlete himself. Before the Giants amazing playoff run last year, Eli was seen as a mediocre QB compared to Romo, and many others in the league. He was seen as someone who belonged in the NFL but would not be able to lay a finger on his much better QB brother, Peyton Manning. After Eli’s leadership and performance throughout the playoffs, and his 4-0 start to lead the Giants this season, many people now argue that Eli is a better QB than Peyton. What has changed so quickly? Well, for one thing that championship. For another, Eli is a much more confident player. Athletes need confidence. When they start doubting their ability to do well, it will show up on the field. The elephant will simply grow bigger and bigger.

One last thing. To say that the Giants easy schedule makes them undeserving of a 4-0 record and number 1 ranking is absurd. To say that Eli is doing well because he has played against horrible teams is absurd. Simple reasons. If it was that easy, then the Patriots should have gone undefeated last year at 19-0. If it was that easy, then the Cowboys should not have lost yesterday to the Cardinals. If it was that easy, the Redskins should not have lost to the Rams yesterday. The same team that Redskins and other NFC East fans ripped on the Giants for beating. If it was that easy, the Eagles should not have been so close against the 49ers until the end of the game. In the NFL, you have to beat the teams that you should be beat. Simple as that. Otherwise, you are making excuses.

Note: The poll below has been “compromised” by Tony Romo fans trying to justify that he is a better quarterback than Eli Manning. The count before the “compromise” was 9-1 in favor of Manning. After the compromise, the count was 1005-9, in favor of Romo. So simply subtract 1004 from the Romo number (until another compromise occurs). I think most of us agree that Romo is a better quarterback, but until he wins some playoff games, he won’t be in the same class as Roethlisberger and Manning. I don’t even think Romo was drafted in any of the first few rounds, unlike the other two who were drafted in the first round.

Note: Well, well, well, the Eli Manning fans strike back. His count was hacked on June 1, 2009. Please subtract 50 from his count. Eli has taken the lead though after Romo tied it up for a while.


22 Responses to “Who is a better quarterback? Eli Manning or Tony Romo? Three words… Jeter versus A-Rod.”

  1. kayla said

    i love eli manning!!! <33

  2. Anonymous said

    i luv tony romo he is my idol not really but i still luv him nOY REALL SO YA PEACE AND LUV

  3. silentarchimedes said


    One comment for Eli, one for Romo. 🙂 It’ll be interesting to see how Romo does this year without T.O. and if the Giants stay put, how Eli does without Plax. And who’ll be the better QB.

    Can’t wait for football season!

  4. kim said

    no matter that tony has not yet won a superbowl all of his stats show what a good player he is.he is just a regular guy who did not want to be in the spot lite the media did that for him not tony you just wait he will the best quaterback that has ever played the game. just look at moreno,elway,farve he’ll surpass them all by a long shot

  5. Phil said

    Romo cannot win the big game. End of story. He puts up good number and is an excellent QB, but he and his team have no heart. That is why they are 0-12 in playoff games. Dallas just has no heart. Yeah, I know…thew Giants were lucky when they won the Superbowl, and Dallas has five rings. Eli is good, but the Giants as a team are why they are great.

  6. Mary said

    ELI MANNING! I believe that some view Romo as a better QB bc he’s more in the “public eye”, however it all comes down to skill and leadership, Eli’s got him BEAT HAND DOWN!! I LOVE ELI!

  7. ROMO IS my boy!!! he is so hot hehas ELI beat down!!!

  8. jazmine said

    I love tony romo!!!! he iz da bezt football play ever!!!! i want to meet him one day!!!! Nd dat day will cum hopfuly

  9. Anonymous said


  10. jessica said

    i luv romo hes my husband

  11. nate said

    romo eli sucks he costs us the superbowl in 07

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  13. Anonymous said

    Omg eli manning i love eli manning hes the best!!!!♥☻☺ i love you eli manning

  14. David said

    Eli manning is better than Tony and isn’t gay sk why would he suck a dick ass hole

  15. juan perez said

    tony romo is the best there is in the NFL…………

  16. ashley said

    tony romo is the best football player even thougt he has not won a superbowl he is still the best and i love u romo

  17. juan perez said


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    […]Who is a better quarterback? Eli Manning or Tony Romo? Three words… Jeter versus A-Rod. « Silent Archimedes[…]…

  21. Anonymous said

    I think that Tony Romo is a step ahed of Eli as a quarterback on numbers but the truth is Eli is the one one that has RING and we cant take that from him. but Romo is better just need a complete team to help him win his ring. Only time will tell and history will be as ______ or ______ I think at the end will be Romo. and Im not a Dallas nor NYG lover.

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    […]Who is a better quarterback? Eli Manning or Tony Romo? Three words… Jeter versus A-Rod. « Silent Archimedes[…]…

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