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Problem: Maximum number of files in NTFS in Ubuntu

Posted by silentarchimedes on March 12, 2009

So I do a lot of image processing in my work, and I ran into a problem today that I still haven’t found a logical answer to:

On my Ubuntu 8.10 computer, I have a 1TB internal harddrive /dev/sdc1 mounted in NTFS format. After the initial format, My max volume size is stated as 931.51GiB. On this drive, I have lots of folders, and many of them have thousands (1K to 6K) of small images, in formats of jpg, png, ppm. Today, one of my scripts crapped out when it tried to create a new image and returned “Operation not supported.”

Even when I used touch or a simple vi created file, I could not create any more files. The current disk usage on the harddrive is:

Contents: 704,324 items, totalling 826.3 GB

And Ubuntu tells me I still have 102.5 GiB of space left. So I started thinking if I’ve reached my inodes limit because of the number of files. However, when I do a ‘df -i‘, I am no where near the limit:

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sdc1            108159004  706236 107452768    1% /media/sdc1

When I look online, all the documentation and search says that the maximum number of files in NTFS is 2^32-1. The only other thing is the master file table (MFT) and how it might increase it’s size if more files get created beyond those specified in MFT. However, I haven’t been able to confirm this.

Anybody have an explanation for this? It’s really bugging me that it’s happening and I can’t figure it out.

3 Responses to “Problem: Maximum number of files in NTFS in Ubuntu”

  1. Stefano said

    I have the same problem now on my Ubuntu 8.04! Have you fixed it?
    Thank you, bye

  2. silentarchimedes said

    Hi Stefano,

    Nope, still no luck regarding this problem. I’ve been using a second drive instead. If I do find something, I’ll definitely post it up on here.

    Good luck,
    Silent Archimedes

  3. Harry said

    Hi Silentarchimedes,

    I do have the same problem as you, I post this problem to web form and get the answer by someone.

    You should go to download new version of ntfs driver, the ntfs-3g driver by ubuntu 8.10 is 1.2, it is too old. The newer version after 1.5 could solve this problem. My newer version is released by 2009.3.9 and work!

    Good luck

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