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“Once upon a time, there was a young child who came to America. Raw, naive and full of hope, he fell in love with the country that accepted him and his family as her own. His thirst for knowledge directly led him to the pursuit of life, liberty and inner happiness. Life is short and he believed that there is much to learn. This blog was created so this child can become a responsible citizen that cherishes the free voice that this country has given him.”

Ok, that little abstract might be a little too self-appeasing. Anyways, besides my main academic research interests in computers, robotics, medical devices, theory, and graphics, I tend to get easily distracted in various unrelated interests.

I love investing and economics and trying to put my analytical and engineering side to good use. After many years of investing, I can’t help but think there must be a dependable way to have stable returns every year. Technical analysis is very interesting to me.

My Jerry West

I enjoy reading about game theory and probability of decision and random games, analyzing game strategies such as card games and gambling games. For years, people have been trying to come up with optimum strategies for playing any game, but in all of them, the house edge is impossible to overcome.

I also enjoy reading about history and current events. I think it is the best soap opera in existence. The first thing I do in the morning is go through my news websites.

Something I have become really interested in is photography. I own a Nikon D40x with an 18-200mm lens. I will be posting my amateur reviews and pictures in this topic.

Other things I find rather interesting are sociology, religion, politics, Eastern philosophy, health and fitness, and psychology. I’m a huge sports fan and follow almost any sport, and its technical aspects as well. I am a pragmatist that tries to find logic and scientific reasoning behind everything, but I also realize that some things are beyond explanation by mankind and we must be open-minded. I am politically an independent, having supported either or neither party at different times of my life.

A note on my political views – Although my blog has been clearly pro-Obama, I still consider myself an independent. It is because of the past eight years of Republican mess that I have voted Democratic. In 2000, I actually rooted for McCain because I believed he resembled a true maverick going strongly against Bush in the primary. I don’t believe in limiting myself to one party.

This blog is just me trying to make sense of the world. Hope you enjoy it!

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of inner happiness…


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Wades said

    whoa so u seem all over the place with ur interests..what was ur major?

  2. bwc said

    Technical Analysis (TA) is just a matter of drawing trend lines,
    price pattern recognition (double top,bottom,hns) and indicators
    reading/guaging). It is also call hocus pocus to some people,
    especially those who are just fundamental analysis (FA) bias.

    But as with everything, it’s probability based. Some patterns,
    indicators, or trendlines have a higher probability (ie. over 50%)
    of being correct, but sometimes not a very hi or even a quantifiable
    probability. Also some are very subjective such as double bottom
    and hns. (There is a book call Encycolpedia of Chart patterns written
    by a retired software developer who quantified the subjective probability
    of all common chart patterns).

    There is always a massive debate about TA vs FA, but it’s all silliness
    in my opinion. Like William Oneil said, in a sport game, you need both
    offense and defense. Like like, you need both TA and FA in determining
    when to buy a stock, etc. Without TA, you lose like how people lose
    their money in enron..since the Accounting books say Enron was still
    making money. Without FA, you cannot determine the value of a stock
    and whether the company is for real.

    I personally do not think TA is hocus pocus. In fact, it helped me.
    To sum it up, TA in my humble opinion, is about price action and dynamics.
    Indicators are nothing more than formulas of price history actions.
    MBA quants uses price action and dynamics to determine in a
    way they are using TA. But to really appreciate TA, one really need to
    really look at the price action in real time, second to second and then
    from than on, can they really understand say for example, what a pullback
    is and where the pullback is likely to end up before running up/down again.

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