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Time to step back at times of bad to look at the good…

Posted by silentarchimedes on October 9, 2008

With everything so depressing in this country and the world right now, it’s time to step back in our lives and look for the good that is happening.


1. If you are a football fan, it’s football season! Especially if you are a Giants fan!

2. If you just started a loving relationship, cherish these moments where everything just seems right.

3. If you have good physical and mental health, cherish the genes and hard work you’ve put in.

4. If you just got married or engaged, enjoy the comfort that you two will face the future together.

5. If you love movies, music, and photography, enjoy the technological revolution going on now.

6. If you love the free flow of information, enjoy the internet revolution.

7. If you love autumn, enjoy the next few weeks of cooler weather, falling colorful leaves, and comfy clothes.

8. If you are a college student, enjoy your only years of irresponsible independence.

9. If you consistently play sports or exercise, enjoy its stress relief, health benefits and competition.


10. Realize that at the worst times are when heroes and financial opportunities are made.

11. Realize that the eight years of this presidency is finally almost over, and things can only get better.

12. Realize that many economists have been saying for several years that a REAL recession is good for this country in order to purge all the greed and evil that has permeated the economic system, from government to corporations to consumers.

13. Realize that this is a great opportunity for America to return to its true democratic and founding values. (Hint, hint… vote for you know who…)

14. Realize that there is still 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Everything bad happening are just local minimums in history.

15. Realize that you are only one of over 100 billion humans that have ever graced this Earth. Does it really matter?

16. Realize that your life here on Earth (avg 70 years) is nothing compared to the age of Earth (4.5 billion years). That’s only 0.0000016%! Enjoy your time on Earth!

17. Realize that life has been so good for this country for two decades, it’s okay to retreat a bit in order to fix the system.

18. Realize that the majority of people on Earth are still worse off than you. They have more extreme short-term worries like food, shelter, clothing and diseases.

19. Realize that everything in existence is cyclical. Nature, history, emotions, economic times, etc etc…

20. Realize that you have the power to do something about it! You are not helpless and thus it’s not hopeless! Vote!


If you are reading this, cherish that you have freedom of speech and your vision.

Bless you…

Silent Archimedes 🙂

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Denzel Washington plays the same character over and over again

Posted by silentarchimedes on September 29, 2008

I haven’t seen a Denzel Washington movie in a long time. The last one was probably Training Day. I am realizing why. It seems that in all his movies he plays the same character and I’m getting mixed up in which movie was what. Is it just me or does Denzel Washington play the same character over and over again? I mean just look at his mainstream movies since Devil in a Blue Dress!

For an actor who is known to have such range and be in so many critically and publicly acclaimed movies, you would think he would play a wider variety of roles. Of his 22 lead movies since 1995’s Devil in a Blue Dress, Washington has played a character that has some sort of police, federal or armed forces authority influence 15 times! That is close to 70% of the time! When you factor in his other authority roles as a drug lord in American Gangster, football coach in Remember the Titans, and police drama in John Q, Washington plays some sort of authority role 82% of the time (18 of 22 films)! Not to mention that Inside Man 2 has been announced.

The final question becomes, is Denzel Washington typecasted or does he prefer to play such roles? Why change? All his movies are highly rated and he’s still considered a great actor, for the most part. Crimson Tide continues to be one of my favorite movies.

22. 2009. The Taking of Pelham 123 Lieutenant

21. 2007. American Gangster – drug lord

20. 2007. Great Debaters – poet

19. 2006. Inside Manpolice detective

18. 2006. Deja VuATF agent

17. 2004. Man on Fireformer federal agent

16. 2004. Manchurian CandidateArmed Forces Captain

15. 2003. Out of Timepolice chief

14. 2002. Antwone FisherNavy psychiatrist

13. 2001. Training Daypolice detective

12. 2001. John Q – blue collar worker

11. 2000. Remember the Titans – football coach

10. 1999. The Bone Collectorpolice detective

9. 1999. The Hurricane – boxer

8. 1998. Fallen police detective

7. 1998. He Got Game – convict/father

6. 1998. The SiegeFBI Agent

5. 1996. Courage Under FireArmed Forces Lt. Colonel

4. 1996. The Preacher’s Wife – angel

3. 1995. Virtuosityex-cop

2. 1995. Crimson Tidenavy officer

1. 1995. Devil in a Blue Dresswar veteran

It seems like the really great actors are the ones that excel at a wide variety of roles. Ed Norton is a great example of this.

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Top 5 most overrated and underrated movies

Posted by silentarchimedes on June 22, 2008

Top 5 most overrated and underrated movies

Here is my list of the top 5 most overrated movies I’ve seen, in no particular order:

1. Shrek series (2001-2007) – These movies are not funny at all. The story lines are completely predictable. I’ll let the original Shrek pass, but an 8.0 on IMDB? Come on! If you are under 10 years old, ok, the movies are cute, and jokes are funny. Like the Little Pig saying, “He hooffed und he poooffed und he… signed an eviction notice.” Who comes up with those lines??

2. Princess Bride (1987) – I think I’m missing something in this movie, because it seems like everyone LOVES this movie. I found it boring and corny.



3. Sideways (2004) – Two men in mid-life crisis take a trip to wine country? The title for the movie is appropriate. It went sideways, nothing happened.



4. Little Miss Sunshine (2006) – Steve Carrell was funny, but he had such a small part. I wanted to punch the girl in the face!



5. English Patient (1996) – This is the only movie I’ve ever wanted to walk out of the theater. It was way longer than it needed to be. And the agony of watching desert scenes in slow motion. Arghhh…



Here is my list of the top 5 most underrated movies I’ve seen, in no particular order:

1. Legend of Drunken Master (1994) – None of my friends have seen this movie, but it is Jackie Chan at his best; funny, dangerous and funny stunts, amazing martial arts and a cute storyline. The supporting cast is also one of the best.


2. Seven Samurai (1954) – I don’t like Kurosawa’s other movies like Ran and Rashomon, but this movie is storytelling at its best. Even watching the 4-hour director’s cut flew by.



3. Wall Street (1987) – Although a bit stereotypical and simplistic at times, this movie exemplifies the capitalistic goals of greed and power at any cost.



4. A Bronx Tale (1993) – One of my favorite De Niro movies ever. A very powerful movie that uses simple and soft storytelling to portray the reality of the narrator’s perspective. A blue-collar coming of age story in 1960s New York City when racial divides and mafia/cultural traditions collide.


5. Duel (1970) – One of Steven Spielberg’s earliest directorial performances. A masterpiece of suspense, anxiety and fear.



I plan to update these at some point to 10 movies each and order them.

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