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Giants literally running on all cylinders, crush Ravens 30-10

Posted by silentarchimedes on November 16, 2008

Brandon Jacobs hugs Ahmad Bradshaw

Brandon Jacobs hugs Ahmad Bradshaw

That was a very dominating win the New York Giants had over the Baltimore Ravens today. It is apparent that all this talk about the Giants having the most difficult remaining schedule in the NFL doesn’t matter to them. All the talk about the Giants having the easiest schedule in the first half and not justifying the high power ranking is out the window. The Giants have beaten the Ravens, Eagles, Cowboys and Pittsburgh the past four weeks. Their three-headed rushing attack continues to improve every week as they work Bradshaw more into the mix. They have gained 207, 219 and 200 the past three games. Overall, they have had five 200+ rushing games, and seven 150+ rushing games in the 10 games. Bradshaw was four yards shy today of reaching 100, which would have given each of the three running backs at least one 100+ yard game.

What makes the Giants RBs so dangerous is that none of them go down easily. Jacobs is famously known for his monster truck style of running. That run he had from around the 20 yard line to the 1 yard line were no one was able to tackle him was unbelievable. He also has the speed to run to the outside and push it up the sidelines. I still can’t believe Jacobs outweighs Ray Lewis, the formidable linebacker. However, Bradshaw seems to be the most difficult to tackle. The 77-yard scamper he showed today should have been a 3 yard gain, but the guy just knows how to break tackles. His only penchant has been fumbling, and that is partly due to his hard-to-bring-down style of rushing. If the Giants keep this up, all three RBs will be fresh and healthy come playoff time. They will pose a tremendous problem for defenses. After being pummeled by Jacobs and Ward in the first three quarters, the Giants bring in the fresh legs of shifty Bradshaw in the fourth. The result, a tired and beat-up defense just wants the game to end. Did you see the Raven’s Washington’s face and tiredness after desperately tackling Bradshaw at the end of that 77-yard run?

Derrick Ward

Derrick Ward

Manning has yet to pass for over 300 yards and the Giants have had only two 100+ yard receiving games, but does it really matter? The key for Manning now is to manage the clock, protect the ball, minimize interceptions and continue his signature third down passes and fourth quarter drives, if even necessary.

At this point, the Giants are definitely the best team in the NFL. They are deep on offense and defense. They are a team that is focused and has the ultimate team first mentality. No one has any big egos.  Jacobs has no problem sharing carries with Ward or Bradshaw, since he sees it as helping the length of his career. Bradshaw also has no problem not getting more carries and being the fourth quarter reliever. If the only problem they have is a clock-less Plaxico, that’s okay for now.  As bad as Plaxico has been, he is not like Tiki and his big mouth. Burress even went so far as to pseudo-apologize on FOX NFL. It would be nice to see Burress have a big game one of these days to show that the Giants can still pass.

It’ll be sad come offseason time because some key players, including Jacobs and Ward, will be free agents and it would be difficult for the Giants to keep all of them. If the Giants repeat as Super Bowl champions, forget it. There’s going to be a swarm of money thrown at Giants free agents. And that’ll be a good-bye to the amazing defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo as well.

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New York Giants games in Baltimore – TV Schedule

Posted by silentarchimedes on September 12, 2008

NFL Champion NY Giants

NFL Champion NY Giants

It’s been an awesome regular season for the Giants. It’s been equaling awesome for Giants fans in Baltimore, having been able to watch 12 of the 16 games on television. The Giants went 9-3 in those games. Now it’s playoff time and all games are national games.

The Giants are slated to play their divisional game on Sun, Jan 11, at 1pm on FOX, WBFF in Baltimore.

Check out the official NFL postseason schedule for all playoff times.


Just in case you came here looking for Giants games on local television in another city or the overall NFL local network games, check out this cool site:

The Unofficial NFL TV Distribution Maps


If you are a football Giants fan living in Baltimore, like me, you must be very very giddy at the TV schedule this year. Of the 16 games, atleast 9 will be viewable in the Baltimore area!!!!! And eight of the nine are on basic television!!

Thanks to four national games as a reward of winning the Super Bowl, and four NFC games on Baltimore’s WBFF FOX NFL schedule, and the game against the Ravens on WJZ CBS! WJZ CBS does not post its NFL schedule on its website, so the only AFC North game not shown on TV, against Cincinnati, could potentially be shown, since the Ravens are on Monday night in Week 3. There’s also the chance that one of the late season games against Philadelphia, Carolina and Minnesota might be moved to national television! I don’t think they will move the game against Dallas on Dec. 14.

Woohoo, the Cincinnati game will be shown on CBS! Make it 10 games viewable!

UPDATE 2008.12.05 – The gift that keeps on giving! The Eagles game on Dec 7 will be shown on FOX, WBFF in Baltimore. Make it 11 games viewable! Wow!

UPDATE 2008.12.09 – Not surprisingly, the Panthers game on Dec 21 has been moved as part of the NFL flex schedule to prime time! It will now be shown at 8:15pm on NBC, WBAL. Ok, now it’s just sick. 75% of the Giants season will be seen in Baltimore this year. Amazing.

For  live audio of the game, just go to

Go Giants!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008 Schedule (REGULAR SEASON)






Thursday, 9/4 7:00 PM ET NBC, WBAL Washington W, 16-7
Sunday, 9/14 1:00 PM ET @ St. Louis W, 41-13
Sunday, 9/21 1:00 PM ET CBS, WJZ (updated!) Cincinnati W, 26-23 (OT)
Sunday, 9/28 BYE BYE BYE
Sunday, 10/5 1:00 PM ET Seattle W, 44-6
Monday, 10/13 8:30 PM ET ESPN @ Cleveland L, 35-14
Sunday, 10/19 1:00 PM ET FOX, WBFF San Francisco W, 29-17
Sunday, 10/26 4:15 PM ET FOX, WBFF @ Pittsburgh W, 21-14
Sunday, 11/2 4:15 PM ET FOX, WBFF Dallas W, 35-14
Sunday, 11/9 8:15 PM ET NBC, WBAL @ Philadelphia W, 36-31
Sunday, 11/16 1:00 PM ET* CBS, WJZ Baltimore W, 30-10
Sunday, 11/23 4:15 PM ET* @ Arizona W, 37-29
Sunday, 11/30 1:00 PM ET* FOX, WBFF @ Washington W, 23-7
Sunday, 12/7 1:00 PM ET* FOX, WBFF Philadelphia L, 20-14
Sunday, 12/14 8:15 PM ET* NBC, WBAL @ Dallas L, 20-8
Sunday, 12/21 1:00 PM ET* 8:15pm, NBC, WBAL Carolina W, 34-28 (OT)
Sunday, 12/28 1:00 PM ET* @Minnesota L, 20-19
* – NFL flex game (potential to be changed)

Sunday, 01/11 1:00 PM ET FOX, WBFF Cards/Eagles

The Unofficial NFL TV Distribution Maps

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A Giant Hangover? Don’t worry Giants’ fans, it’s only temporary…

Posted by silentarchimedes on August 19, 2008

You would think that after winning the Super Bowl last season, all eyes would be on the New York Giants’ training camp this summer. Instead, it’s been the quietest camp in memory. You would think that everyone would be wondering which Eli would show up this season, the pre-playoff version of the past, or the efficient and accurate one during the Super Bowl run. Or if Plaxico Burress will be totally healed by the opener. Or how Kevin Boss is doing as the new go-to tight end. Or which of the exciting young receivers, Sinorice Moss, Mario Manningham, Dominic Hixon, Michael Jennings, would make the team. Or how excitin their backfield will be now that Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward, and Ahmad Bradshaw are all healthy. Or how the Giants are doing without their leader Michael Strahan.

Instead, it just seems awfully quiet this summer for Giants fans. It’s weird. I thought I would be looking very forward to this season, but there seems to be a hangover of some sort. I can’t really put my finger on it. Maybe the whole Olympics and Michael Phelps has pushed football to the background. Maybe it’s because the Giants were very quiet in the free agency market and didn’t sign anyone of interest. Maybe it’s because all the other NFL stories have been so dominating, like the Brett Favre saga and Patriots’ Spygate. Maybe it’s because the only stories that have been coming out of the Giants the past few months are negative stories, such as Strahan’s retirement, Shockey’s “I deserve more respect” fiasco, Burress’ “I deserve more money” pseudo-holdout, Osi’s “I deserve more money than the more money you gave me last year” potential contract holdout, the threatening letters sent to Coughlin, Giants’ “I deserve more money” personal seat licenses at the new stadium, Bradshaw’s jail sentence, stolen Super Bowl rings, and injuries to key players, such as Burress, Toomer, and Manningham. Maybe it’s because, now that the dream Super Bowl run as settled in, even Giants fans know it was a perfect run and that it would be hard to reproduce this season. With a more difficult schedule, with all three teams in the NFC East stronger, it appears it might be difficult just to make the playoffs for the Giants. (Update 08/24/08 – Wow, as if the Giants need any more bad news coming out this offseason? Osi Umenyiora is out for the whole season after tearing his lateral meniscus in his left knee during the Jets game.)

So, what is a Giants fan to do? Take hope in the Giants pattern of performance the past ten years or so. They always overperform when they are expected to do nothing. The most obvious one being the 2000 Super Bowl run. It was clear they were playing above their heads when they got killed by the Ravens. Last year was another example. The converse is just as true. They always underperform when they are expected to be Super Bowl contenders. As funny as it is, the public has such low expectations for the reigning Super Bowl champions. Mostly due to the reasons mentioned above, and also how every Super Bowl winner, minus the Patriots, have a hard time making the playoffs the next season. With low expectations this year, if the Giants continue their pattern of performance, they will do well this year.

As for interest in the season, that will quickly change come the first game of the season when the Giants kick off the official NFL season in front of a national crowd on Thurs, Sept 4 on NBC against the Washington Redskins!

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